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50 Best Accolades
  • Voted The World's Best Restaurant 2022

Geranium – the second Copenhagen restaurant to take home a World’s Best Restaurant accolade – is located on the eighth floor of the building that also houses the Danish national soccer stadium. Although unusual, the location is blessed with enormous windows overlooking the beautiful Fælledparken gardens – making it a perfect spot to invite guests to taste nature while simultaneously observing it around them.

Since making Geranium the first Danish restaurant to win three Michelin stars in 2016, co-owners Rasmus Kofoed and Søren Ledet have never rested on their laurels, keeping things fresh and exciting for regulars and destination diners alike. Kofoed’s cooking has been hailed as some of the most technically correct and visually arresting on the planet: an acolyte of New Nordic cuisine, he works with local biodynamic farms to curate and grow the ultimate indigenous Scandinavian produce and personally scours the landscape for unique edibles to accentuate his cuisine.

The locally inspired, seasonally changing ‘Universe’ tasting menu takes place over a minimum of three hours, with around 20 courses split evenly among appetisers, savoury dishes and sweets. Five years after he stopped eating meat, in 2022 Kofoed made Geranium a meat-free zone, focusing solely on local seafood and vegetables from organic and biodynamic farms in Denmark and Scandinavia. Artful creations may include lightly smoked lumpfish roe with milk, kale and apple, and forest mushrooms with beer, smoked egg yolk, pickled hops and rye bread. Each dish is an intricate work of art served on nature-inspired crockery.

A natural-born people-person, charming host and outstanding sommelier, Ledet welcomes each guest into Geranium like family and makes them feel at home for the duration of their meal. His constantly evolving drinks programme and warm service style helped the restaurant to win the Art of Hospitality Award in 2018. The extensive wine list focuses on low-manipulation labels to complement Kofoed’s food, and there’s a unique and refreshing juice pairing featuring creations such as rhubarb with geranium and carrot.

The whole multi-space restaurant – with an open kitchen at one end of the dining room – features open fires, blonde wood and modern Scandinavian décor, as well as the panoramic park views and a glimpse of the adjacent football pitch. It’s a world-leading setting for officially one of the world’s leading restaurants, now permanently inducted into the Best of the Best hall of fame.