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50 Best Accolades
  • Voted The World's Best Restaurant in 2019

If the perfect restaurant experience can be defined as an equal marriage between exquisite food, outstanding hospitality and unparalleled ambience, then Mirazur has hit the jackpot. With its location on the idyllic Côte d’Azur, the freshest produce transformed into a tasting menu by talented Argentinian export Mauro Colagreco, and hospitality led by Colagreco’s exuberant Brazilian wife Julia, this truly is a destination restaurant deserving of the World’s Best Restaurant title. That its situation on the border of southern France and northern Italy means access to the best ingredients in Europe is simply the cherry on the cake.

But despite this incredible combination of natural good fortunes, Mirazur has never rested on its laurels since opening in 2006. A master of reinvention, Colagreco has done everything possible in recent years to keep his restaurant at the top of its game, championing sustainability, rethinking the menu and even renovating the entire restaurant to extend its vegetable gardens and create a more immersive dining experience. In 2020, Mirazur became the first restaurant in the world to achieve a plastic-free certification, as well as acquiring a historic local bakery from which to produce its own iconic bread loaves.

When it was voted the World’s Best Restaurant in 2019, Mirazur was known for the multi-course tasting menus that Colagreco and his team of young chefs created from the freshest seasonal produce. A lunch or dinner in the stunning open dining room overlooking the azure Ligurian sea was an immersive affair over three or four hours involving courses such as the signature oyster gillardeau with shallot cream, an intricate tart made with flowers from the restaurant’s cascading gardens and a showstopping duck dish. But after months of closure due to the global pandemic, the restaurant overhauled its culinary concept entirely, reopening with a Lunar menu inspired by the cycle of nature and divided into four offerings (root, leaf, flower and fruit) according to the biodynamic calendar. 

That new menu is already beloved by locals, and as global travel resumes, international gastronomes are set to fall in love with Mirazur all over again too. Celebrating 15 years when it entered the Best of the Best hall of culinary fame in 2020, Mirazur is to this day ever prouder of its people and its produce and will continue to champion the fruits of the sea, mountains and gardens, following its own path of constant reinvention well into the future.

In 2020, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards were postponed due to the global pandemic, so Mirazur held the World’s Best Restaurant title from 2019 to 2021.

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