Stay Gold Flamingo


New Entry

Founded by Singaporean bartending talent Jerrold Khoo and Bai JiaWei, Stay Gold Flamingo describes itself as a ‘third place’ for the community, offering two different experiences: chilled neighbourhood coffee shop Flamingo at the front, serving coffee and lunch injected with a bit of disco-funk; and cocktail bar Stay Gold at the back.

While the decor of Stay Gold is refined, the energetic bar is a space to let loose, accompanied by a soundtrack of the rock and roll tunes Khoo grew up listening to. Khoo and Bai combine their American and Japanese styles of bartending, reflected in cocktails such as Hanamachi (whisky, matcha and black sesame) and Gentlemen’s Club (bourbon, cedarwood and lapsang souchong), both inspired by Japanese and American entertainment districts.