The Bombay Canteen


New Entry

The Bombay Canteen is a drinking destination where one can experience the flavours of India without inhibition or borders. An award-winning restaurant and bar located in the heart of Mumbai (as Bombay is officially called now), this iconic spot offers a unique selection of reimagined classics with local flavours at the heart of each drink, under the able guidance of Prantik Haldar, Head of Beverage Innovations. Infused spirits, bitters, shrubs and tonics are harmoniously combined to create unforgettable and ever-evolving signatures.

Each iteration of the drinks menu pays homage to India’s most vibrant city with distinct and nostalgic design elements to bring the narrative to life, such as a playful pop-up book showcasing the city's Art Deco architecture. The latest version is called People of the Promenade and celebrates the diversity of individuals who gather along Mumbai’s iconic Marine Drive and contribute to the tapestry of the city’s identity: lovers, tourists, dog walkers, runners and hawkers. In cocktail form, that might mean Runner’s High – Scotch, gingerbread syrup, ginger ale and egg white – or Stolen Kiss featuring tequila, pickled starfruit and pineapple.