Campari One To Watch Award 2023

Campari One To Watch Award 2023

Lady Bee


Pouring sustainability and authenticity into every glass

Inspired by the classic cocktails, White Lady and Bee's Knees, chef Gabriela Leon and bartender Alonso Palomino named their flagship bar Lady Bee. Entering the modest venue located in the popular neighbourhood of Miraflores in Lima feels like stepping inside a honeycomb, where everything from the decoration to the glassware and even the ice helps guests dive into a delicious honeybee world.

The rising star bar was created with sustainability in mind. The team is focused on Peruvian products, seasonality and the preservation of raw materials while working with regional farmers and fishers and reducing waste to a minimum.

All of this is translated into a delicious, diverse and one-of-a-kind cocktail menu that includes ingredients from all around the country. For instance, the cold water of the Pacific Ocean is the source of the sargassum seaweed that is part of the Apple Seaweed, the purple potato present in the Potato Pine and Mushroom can be found in the highlands of Cusco and fruits and honey are taken from the Peruvian Amazon.

One of the most special experiences at this venue is the Experiencia Pisco, a tasting of eight varieties of pisco grapes curated by Palomino, from various pisco wineries. Alongside the home-grown drinks options, Chef Leon offers a delectable food menu that similarly showcases the diversity of the Peruvian pantry, featuring dishes such as milhojas de erizo (sea urchin millefeuille) and the singular dessert, gelato de pato, uvas y salvia (duck, grapes and sage ice cream).

As a result of its authenticity, passion for sustainability and dedication to transforming local ingredients into flavoursome cocktails, Lady Bee is identified as the Campari One to Watch 2023.


Av. Ernesto Diez Canseco 329, Miraflores 15074, Lima, Peru

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