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Byeok-je Galbi

Seoul, South Korea

Experience the real thing at this stalwart of Korean barbecue

Why visit? Fashions may come and go, but this temple to 'hanu' (Korean beef) has been permanently packed for the past 30 years with locals tucking into the very best meat the country has to offer.

What makes it so good? The restaurant only buys beef with a fat marbling score of nine – the highest possible, accounting for just 1% of the national herd. Two whole cows are bought fresh each day before being butchered and expertly aged at the company's in-house facility.

What to order? The signature snow-marbled beef ribs are grilled over oak and served with Pyeongyang naeng myeon – a chilled buckwheat noodle soup made with a deep broth from beef shin, pork and chicken. Other highlights include thin sliced raw beef marinated in soy sauce with honey and Asian pear ('yukhoe') and Seol-leong-tang – a thick beef soup.

Who's the chef? Won-seok Yoon has 35 years' experience working with beef including an MA in culinary science. A regular face on TV, he has trained generations of chefs in the smoky arts of traditional Korean barbecue.

Other ventures: The restaurant's parent company operates six other Byeokje restaurants in Korea and one in Beijing. It also exports kimchi around the world.

On the pass

  • Won-seok Yoon

Style of food

  • Korean barbecue

Standout dish

  • Snow-marbled beef ribs (galbi)