Manama, Bahrain

The cuisine that emerged from the unlikely pairing of Japanese and Peruvian foods came from the diaspora of Japanese people at the beginning of the 20th century who had heard that there was gold and opportunity in that beautiful South American country. The word 'Nikkei' has now come to mean not only those Japanese who choose to live outside Japan but also fully embrace the cultures and foods of their new home. Clay Bahrain celebrates this happy union. Housed on the fifth floor of the Terminal building, with an outdoor terrace boasting a bar and stunning Bahrain city views, you would expect a pricey bill and you would be right. Enjoy sophisticated presentation in a menu that bounces deftly from sashimi to sake tacos and Andean short ribs. A shot of Peruvian tequila on the terrace after dinner will help you on your way.

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The Terminal, Building 120, Yousif Ahmed Al Shirawi Road, Manama,