Humus x Hortense

Brussels, Belgium

The term ‘vegan’ hardly does justice to the plant-based fine dining of Humus x Hortense, where the tasting menu changes according to the year’s 24 micros seasons. Nicolas Decloedt trained at the likes of Mugaritz and Bon Bon but his style of cuisine, based on botanical research and foraged ingredients, is entirely his own. The chef is also a photographer and dishes display an artist’s eye for arranging visually arresting combinations which challenge the senses. His partner and sommelier Caroline Baerten is no less creative, a former art historian who has curated the look of the restaurant’s design and ceramic tableware, and also found time to found the Soilmates movement promoting botanical gastronomy. Together with food scientist Maxime Willems and botanist and farmer Dries Delanote, the restaurant champions zero-waste, roots-to-leaves cooking with an emphasis on fermentation and any surplus ingredients turned into cocktails.

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Rue de Vergnies 2, Ixelles, Brussels, 1050