Olam Restaurante

Santiago, Chile

Given that he once worked at El Bulli (named The World's Best Restaurant on a record five occasions), it is little surprise that Serio Barroso brings an innovative approach to this smart seafood spot. Aside from embracing Indigenous flavours that have long since fallen out of most people’s culinary memories, it is also the first accredited zero-waste restaurant in Latin America. Cooking oils, glass, plastic and paper are all recycled, while an imaginative dining room is fitted with curvaceous chandeliers designed to maximise light with minimal energy output. The menu is based on a vast range of ingredients (think yellow prawns and Coquimbo woodcocks) sourced from small producers and changes to reflect Barroso’s mood. For drinks, choose from an equally extensive wine list, with nearly 30 available by the glass.

Key Information


Carmencita 45, Santiago, LC 7550157