Shanghai, China

Chef duo DeAille Tam and Simon Wong opened Obscura in 2020, following a year-long journey across China discovering endemic produce and forgotten culinary practices. The ambitious concept marries tradition with modernity, Chinese and western, creating a unique and balanced cuisine. The restaurant is located in the Tang Xiang Cultural Space, home to a private collection of Chinese antiques – and is equally steeped in cultural significance. Take a seat at the chef’s table in the low-lit, polished wood dining room for the best experience. The menu is governed by the lunisolar calendar (continuing the metaphor in Obscura’s logo – two intersecting crescent moons) and emulates its mystery and independence. Tam and Wong vary the offering depending on the seasons, but at any time, may serve the likes of Hunan spicy beef, Hangzhou dragonwell shrimp and Dongbei sliders with goose liver, soy and red wine.

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Tangxiang Cultural Space, 538 Xikang Road, Shanghai,