Xin Rong Ji (Shanghai)

Shanghai, China

Set within a traditional Shanghai Mansion, Xin Rong Ji's dining room has a classic, almost timeless, appeal. Packed with lacquered wood furniture and moody-hued upholstery, the entrance of the dining room is dominated by a fish tank and display of seafood where guests are encouraged to choose their own dinner, with daily deliveries of top-quality ingredients coming in from Taizhou. One of multiple restaurants in Shanghai's Xin Rong Ji group, with further outposts in Taizhou, Beijing and Hong Kong, the restaurant specialises in both Taizhou and Cantonese cuisine with delicate xiao long bao soup dumplings a menu staple alongside the restaurant's signature dish: braised yellow croaker and sweet potato noodles with sea anemone. With a Michelin star to its name, you can rest assured that this is one destination well worth a detour.

Key Information

  • Average price per person $100
  • Lunch & dinner: Mon - Sun
  • 862162897878


Nanjing West Road 688, Shanghai,