Munich, Germany

A jaw-dropping ceiling installation designed by Martino Hutz Architecture – made from more than 6,000 custom designed spruce rods that hang individually – curves and flows at Trisoux bar in Munich’s Glockenbachviertel neighbourhood, serving as a visual harbinger of the dramatic showmanship that follows behind the bar. This penchant for high design extends throughout the central lounge, an area that was configured using crowd simulation technology that optimises the use of space, ensuring that the young and enthusiastic clientele always enjoy their visit. The cocktail list is short and to the point, allowing the amiable bartenders to share their enthusiasm for creative flavour combinations with those curious to learn more about the backstories of the drinks. The best time to visit is when night falls and part of the ceiling lights up, casting a soft glow over the cosmopolitan space.

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Müllerstraße 41, Munich, 80469