Sushi Masaaki

Singapore, Singapore

Diners are advised to allow around two hours for the omakase menus at Sushi Masaaki, led by Kyoto-born chef Masaaki Sakashita (ex-Sushi Ishi), but many are tempted to stay longer and take teas and desserts under the gaze of the pink Gucci cranes that adorn the walls of the second dining room. Sakashita, who grew up beside the Kamo River in Kyoto and began his culinary training at the age of 18, flies in fresh fish and seafood from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market several times a week, which he meticulously prepares and cooks using traditional techniques. He serves his menu at a 12-seater counter crafted from a 250-year-old hinoki tree. His sushi rice is mixed with three types of vinegar, including Akazu red vinegar, resulting in the perfect firm-chewy texture; his expertly seasoned nigiri showcases triple-decked slivers of tender shima aji and his uni “cake” with hairy crab is a creamy, caviar-topped wonder.

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26 Beach Road, Marina Square, Singapore, 189768