Stockholm, Sweden

Chef Petter Nilsson sits at the vanguard of modern Swedish cuisine, responsible for elevating country classics and foraged ingredients to dazzling new heights, with an avant-garde approach that came long before it was ever considered a trend. With the moniker coming from ‘petrichor’ – the word for that oh-so evocative, all-encompassing scent of the land after summer rain – it’s little wonder his latest restaurant sees him take a holistic, sensory approach. The stylish setting – with dusky purple limewash evoking an embracive, homely feel that’s accented by cleverly chosen lighting, handcrafted tableware and Swedish furnishings – is interwoven into the very fabric of the dining experience. His food is a dialogue between organic Swedish produce, pared-back presentation and technical nous gathered from worldwide experience. Simple yet sublime, contrasting tasting notes play out on the plate and enliven the senses across ten courses: raw prawns with burnt aubergine maybe; squid and fermented berries, a sweetly earthy chestnut tart with raw turnips and grilled mandarin; cherries and sweet cicely with bread miso. Also worth mention, the stand-out non-alcoholic drinks pairing.

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Kommendörsgatan 16, Östermalm, Stockholm, 114 48