Nusr-Et Steakhouse Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Where do you go in Dubai when you fancy a steak so tender it can be cut with a spoon? The answer has to be the Four Seasons Hotel’s Restaurant Village, where you’ll find Nusr-Et, a glass-and-wood-fronted temple to all things beef. Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe – who you might know better as ‘Salt Bae’ – shot to fame overnight in January 2017 when he shared a meme of himself gracefully slicing and salting a steak on Twitter. However, there is some serious expertise behind the hype. Gökçe’s family have been butchers for generations and he began his apprenticeship in Istanbul while still in his early teens. His understanding of what makes a great cut and the imagination with which he presents them are second to none. Everything from porterhouse steak to fillet mignon is skillfully reimagined to create sushi, carpaccio and exotic salads. And few dishes in the city feature on Instagram quite as often as his tomahawk wrapped in edible gold leaf.

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Restaurant Village, Four Seasons Hotel, Jumeirah 2, Dubai,