São Paulo, Brazil

On the pass:

Helena Rizzo

Pastry chef:

Style of food:

Brazilian-European fusion

Standout dish:

Banana with manioc flour, edamame and fish stock


Rua Joaquim Antunes 210, Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo, SP, 05415-010

+55 11 3085 4148

Talented team creates light and delicate Brazilian-European cuisine

A few words on the chef: Helena Rizzo was named Latin America’s and World’s Best Female Chef in 2014. In 2015 she brought out a cookbook, Maní, with her former restaurant partner Daniel Redondo, featuring some of the restaurant's most popular recipes, as well as forewords written by Joan Roca and Alex Atala. Paulistas and gastro-tourists alike flock here to try exquisite dishes with a Brazilian twist.

What’s in the name? Maní was named after the indigenous Brazilian God, a beautiful young woman who, legend has it, died mysteriously and was later reincarnated in the form of plants. Mani-Oca means ‘house of Maní’ in the Tupi language.

What’s the dining space like? The restaurant is set in a quaint little former house with large wooden doors in São Paulo’s leafy Jardim Paulistano suburb.

Typical dishes: Foie gras ‘bonbons’ with Brazilian guava paste or banana with manioc flour, edamame and fish stock.

Where to sit: Ask for a table in the tree-lined outdoor courtyard, or sit inside for a glimpse of the dynamic kitchen team in action.

Images: Roberto Seba and Lufe Gomes

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