Mexico City, Mexico

On the pass:

Jorge Vallejo (pictured with wife and front of house Alejandra Flores)

Pastry chef:

Valeria Sánchez

Style of food:

Contemporary Mexican

Standout dish:

Roasted avocado, escamoles and quelites (edible wild herbs) tartare


Newton 55, Polanco, Mexico City

+52 55 5280 2680

Charismatic chef challenges traditional Mexican while respecting the environment

Chief reason to visit: A key feature is the restaurant’s urban orchard, where much of Quintonil’s ingredients are grown. Co-owner Jorge Vallejo highlights the value of fruit and vegetables through his cooking, with twists on traditional Mexican dishes including chilcayotes (squash) in homemade mole.

A few words on the chef: Vallejo’s CV includes a stint at Noma in Copenhagen, but it was his three-year training under Mexican chef Enrique Olvera that really shaped his philosophy on food. Vallejo runs the restaurant with his wife, Alejandra Flores, as front of house.

Menu decoder: The difficult-to-pronounce huauzontles are a green vegetable vaguely resembling broccoli. Vallejo serves them with cheese from Chiapas and cactus snow.

Global fame: Quintonil is currently ranked No.22 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

What else? Vallejo was so into food as a child that he would ask his father to buy him a roast chicken instead of toys for his birthday – then eat it all on his own.

Images: Fernando Gómez Carbajal

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