Toluca, Mexico

On the pass:

Pablo Salas (pictured) with Juan Pareja

Pastry chef:

Guadalupe Martínez

Style of food:

Modern Mexican

Standout dish:

Homemade and cured chorizo, dates and smoked sweet potato purée


Francisco Murguía 402, Universidad, 50130, Toluca de Lerdo

+52 1 722 280 8265

Pablo Salas takes diners on a journey into heart of country's cuisine

Chief reason to visit: Amaranta proudly flies the flag for the flavours, aromas and colours of the central State of Mexico – a land made up of mountains, valleys, forests and lakes. Chef Pablo Salas' cooking style pays homage to the region's culinary traditions, while also pushing new boundaries in progressive dishes that are big on flavour.

What to eat: Salas has long championed the pig in dishes such as trotter sliced like carpaccio and served with cabbage salad and a local vinegar dressing or pork jowl with pumpkin seeds and smoked sweet potato purée. Recently he has introduced more vegetable-based dishes to the seven-course tasting menu such as cactus salad and broad beans with fresh cheese.

What to drink: Salas's sommelier brother Francisco presides over an excellent 300-strong wine list, but diners should also look out for the well-chosen Mexican craft beers and the comprehensive tequila selection.

Before and after Amaranta: Before opening the restaurant, Salas ran a bakery business making and selling desserts to restaurants in Toluca. In 2016, he opened Público Comedor, and informal “fast good” address in Mexico City.

Bonus point: A diehard hip hop fan, the chef named his dog after rap legend Dr. Dre.

Images: Fernando Gómez Carbajal

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