Buenos Aires, Argentina

On the pass:

Soledad Nardelli

Pastry chef:

Julia Quiroga

Style of food:

Region-based modern Argentine

Standout dish:

Black Antarctic hake with seaweed and salicornia


Alicia Moreau de Justo 1160, Buenos Aires

+54 11 4343 6067

A persistent quest to celebrate and modernise Argentine regional ingredients

Chief reason to visit: Maria Soledad Nardelli’s passion for produce and pure culinary creativity.

A few words on the chef: Nardelli began cooking at a very young age, studying in Argentina, France and Spain. She hosts an award-winning television program on El Gourmet food network where she travels extensively across the country in search of Argentina’s most emblematic dishes and ingredients.

Typical dishes: Queso y Dulce, a classical porteño dessert also known as a postre vigilante, is given a modern spin at Chila. It’s served with a sweet potato ice cream surrounded by Lincoln cheese and native preserved fruits like quince paste, sweet potato jelly, cayote and aguaí. Nardelli also reinvents the timeless revuelto gramajo using the same ingredients as the classic recipe – eggs, potatoes, and peas – but in an entirely new way.

What’s the restaurant like? A sleek, modern space that overlooks the lovely, revitalised Puerto Madero docks.

What else? Chef Nardelli refers to her style of cooking as “Cocina de Productores” or farm-based cooking, creating dishes inspired by local, seasonal ingredients found across Argentina’s diverse landscape.

Images: Eduardo Torres

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