La Cabrera

Buenos Aires, Argentina

On the pass:

Gastón Riveira

Pastry chef:

Federico Baez

Style of food:

Traditional Argentine grill

Standout dish:



José Antonio Cabrera 5127, Buenos Aires

+54 11 4832 5754

An emblematic peek inside Argentina’s meat-eating culture

What makes it stand out: The massive cuts of beef served on huge slabs with dozens of side dishes.

Typical dishes: La Cabrera offers more than 25 cuts of beef and owner Gastón Riveira says it’s crucial to try the bife de chorizo, a thick cut of juicy butterflied sirloin steak. For starters, order the provoleta, a provolone-type cheese that is placed on the grill, crisped on both sides and served oozing with melted cheesy goodness in the middle.

Brief history: In 2003, La Cabrera set out to create a new steakhouse that didn’t quite exist in Argentina: to design a comfortable porteño space serving high-quality beef and great Argentine wines.

What about the dining space: It has a unique style with chandeliers featuring spoons and forks and decorative plates lining the walls. The restaurant is located in the trendy Palermo Viejo district.

Other ventures: Besides the three locations in Buenos Aires, diners can find this steakhouse in Paraguay, the Philippines, Dubai, Brazil and Peru.

Images: Mind Circus

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