Panama City, Panama

On the pass:

Mario Castrellón

Pastry chef:

Camilo Mendoza

Style of food:


Standout dish:

Palm flower, corn tamal and corn salsa


Final de la Calle 50, 4to local a mano izquierda, Ciudad de Panamá

+ 507 391-4657

Afro-Antillean, Creole and Asian influences create a unique tropical dining experience

Chief reason to visit: Chef Mario Castrellon’s tasting menu is a tropical journey through Caribbean, Indigenous, Asian, Creole, Afro-Antillean and American cuisine that expresses Panama’s multicultural culinary identity like no other. The very casual fine dining experience here is perfectly adapted to the hot weather, with light, exciting dishes.

A few words on the chef: Castrellon was the first to plant the seeds of a new Panamanian cuisine with a modern vision. A dynamic chef and entrepreneur, he studied in Barcelona, returning to Panama after formal chef training and international work experience. He researches native products and visits producers, artisans and indigenous communities on a regular basis and has his own organic farm. He has also begun a movement of young chefs looking to foster a Panamanian identity on the plate.

Typical dishes: The diverse menu includes palm heart and baby leaves with cashew and passion fruit vinaigrette; the perfect Sancocho stew; modern versions of the classic carimañola stuffed pies and slow-roasted pork with Panamanian tortilla. 

Other ventures: Castrellon is also behind Humo restaurant, Botánica, Tacos La Neta, and Café Unido.

Images: José Manuel Castrellón

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