Putting a spotlight on Lima’s home cooking and family recipes


On the Pass

José del Castillo

Chef José del Castillo is providing his home city with the ultimate comfort food experience, recreating the feeling of a mother’s love at the table with delicious and nostalgic food in generous sharing portions. Set in a historic house in Barranco – the favourite area in Lima for bohemians, artists and intellectuals – it has the authentic ambience of an old family home.

Isolina serves many dishes using offal and seafood, including cau cau con sangrecita (tripe and potato stew with fried blood), pork ribs, liver and onions, and ossobuco stew (meaning hollowed bone, referring to the marrow-filled shin bone that constitutes the dish). While Isolina was closed in 2020, Castillo took to Instagram to teach people how to cook better at home and vary their diets, sharing many of his signature recipes along the way.