De Patio


Breaking culinary convention in the name of intense flavour

De Patio

On the Pass

Benjamín Nast

De Patio is the creative outlet of chef Benjamín Nast, who is on a mission to break rules and surprise diners with his combination of innovative cooking techniques, high-quality produce and striking presentation. With a penchant for pure and intense flavour, the chef says he always starts from the product and tries to find ways to bring it to its best expression of flavour. There are three tasting menus available (of five, eight and 10 courses), taking in zucchini ravioli filled with oyster, charcoal cream and fennel; Asian chimichurri with chicory and broccoli couscous; and a dessert of peas, white chocolate and mint.

The modern and welcoming dining room is hidden behind a solid wooden door and has space for 36 guests. It features a bar next to the kitchen with views over the team’s untiring effort – they work side by side at a big table in the middle of the cooking space.