Guatemala City

50Best Accolades
  • The Best Restaurant in Guatemala 2023

An interpretation of Guatemala’s history through flavours and ingredients


On the Pass

Sergio Iván Díaz Pérez

What’s the concept? Sublime portrays Guatemala’s essence through a tasting menu conceptualised by chef Sergio Díaz with Jocelyn Degollado, an anthropologist with an understanding of how food intertwines with the country’s iconic events.

The dining experience: Díaz’s long experience as a corporate chef is crucial to understanding the professionality of his approach to food and hospitality. The 12-course tasting menu usually begins with dishes inspired by pre-Columbian times, passes through Spanish colonial syncretism or mestizaje, and ends with the flavours of the present, inviting diners to distil their own reflections on the future. There is also an à la carte menu worth exploring.

What’s the vibe? Sublime, named The Best Restaurant in Guatemala 2023, is located in a beautiful house in a high-end neighbourhood of Guatemala City and features a stylish vintage cocktail bar named Cocktail Lobby. The venue is host to different spaces, from outdoor tables to private dining rooms, with guests often able to enjoy a direct view of the semi-open kitchen. The walls are covered in contemporary art by recognised Guatemalan artists.

About the chef: Díaz is a creative, passion-driven chef with a positive attitude that builds comradeship among the local food community. Born into a family of restaurateurs in the Guatemalan highlands, he fell in love with cooking when he was young and this deep-rooted passion keeps him aiming higher and higher. 

Bonus point: Sublime also includes a terrace with a casual but well-executed concept called San Roman, a popular brunch spot among the locals.