São Paulo

Three decades of Brazilian favourites from the Queen of feijoada


On the Pass

Mara Salles

Pastry Chef

José Raimundo da Silva

An undisputed classic of the São Paulo dining scene, Tordesilhas is has been run by trailblazing Brazilian chef Mara Salles for more than 30 years. Exploring traditional regional and national homely dishes and applying a modern twist, Salles and team do a fine line in prawn and beef pasties, moqueca stews and caipirinha cocktails in a dining room that is smart but full of fun and laughter.

Every Saturday, as per Brazilian tradition, Salles serves her extremely popular feijoada, a national dish of pork and black beans accompanied by slices of orange, shredded cabbage and pork scratchings. The restaurant also has around 100 types of pickled peppers, created by the late pepper-master Zé Lima, who worked here for three decades before passing away earlier in 2021.