Reif Kushiyaki


Casual yet flavoursome treats at Dubai celebrity chef’s eponymous eatery

Reif Kushiyaki

On the Pass

Reif Othman (pictured) with Jun Tomioka

Home-grown haunt: Chef-founder Reif Othman – winner of the Chefs’ Choice Award 2022 – finally put his own name to a restaurant in 2019 and the city’s foodies reacted with glee. The well-known Singaporean, who has called Dubai home for over a decade, forged his reputation at spots like Zuma, Play and Billionaire Mansion but now has artistic license to experiment in his own relaxed space.

What is kushiyaki? Othman puts a spotlight on the Japanese snack-like street food skewers cooked over the robata grill, with crispy chicken skin featuring alongside teriyaki-slathered chicken thighs and Angus beef strip loin with truffle mayo.

But that’s just for starters: From an 18-hour slow cooked silky ramen to sushi rolls and sashimi, the multi-mushroom claypot and the Wagyu Katsu Sando (a Japanese-style sandwich) that put the restaurant on the map, there’s plenty more to opt for. Plus there are brunch options and vegetarians are fully catered to with inventive plates packed with flavour.

What’s next? Fans have ensured Reif Kushiyaki was so full since its opening that the unlicensed restaurant has spilled over and taken in an adjoining unit at its Dar Wasl Mall location. And, with recent openings in Cairo and Riyadh, the team have made it known that a global footprint is on the horizon.

Sign up for The Experience: Take one of the coveted stools by the kitchen service bar and let Othman take you on a personal culinary journey at his chef’s table. Expect regularly evolving menus and improvisation as the charismatic restaurateur shows off his skill during the multi-course degustation feast.