On the Pass

Ali Faour and Hassan Mez'el

The atmosphere: Sufra is located in an early 20th-century villa in one of Amman’s oldest and most charming neighbourhoods. The vibe is homey, laid-back and welcoming. Its main dining rooms are bright and luxurious, bolstered by the open-air terrace and charming garden by the Damascene fountain. Don’t forget to visit its attached vitrine-style bakery, where you can watch freshly baked puffy pitas come out of the oven.

Unique selling point? Jordanian cuisine is usually served in very generous portions – Sufra gives diners the opportunity to sample traditional home-style cooking, but downsized and refined.

Eat like a local: Sufra specialises in fukharats – slow clay pot cooking that’s said to impart a very distinct flavour. The family-style menu offers a selection of Bedouin dishes such as fawaregh ma’anyeh, stuffed lamb chitterlings, and delicate quail chargrilled over an open fire. The menu also features Levantine classics such as a range of cold and hot mezze alongside grilled meats designed to be shared.

Good to know: The kitchen offers a special menu in the spring that includes seasonal delicacies prepared with wild local ingredients such as wild mallow, gundelia, hedge mustard and peppercress.

Other ventures: The Romero Group is owned by the Gousouss family, who run six restaurants across Jordan including a guest house and restaurant located within Umm Qays, an archaeological site of Ancient Gadara that dates back to the Decapolis period (1st century BC).