Peru’s meat king Renzo Garibaldi on friendships, favourite dining destinations and French techniques

Giulia Sgarbi - 17/01/2018

Header: Renzo Garibaldi and Carpaccio – thin smoked beef slices, chimichurri vinaigrette and capers

In less than five years, chef Renzo Garibaldi’s restaurant Osso in Lima went from being a semi-secret table at the back of a meat emporium to one of the Peruvian capital’s favourite eateries. Its focus on high-quality cuts, delicious barbecued meat and a fun, rustic atmosphere (there are menus you can eat with your hands only) helped it climb 15 places in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017, where it now sits at No.12.

50 Best and partner Aspire Lifestyles spoke to Garibaldi about the Peruvian culture of collaboration, the countries that influenced his cuisine and his favourite gastronomic destinations.


What do you want the world to know about your country’s and your restaurant’s cuisine?

Chefs here work together and collaborate with each other and with the producers. The most important things for us are our land, our products and our people. I would like the world to know that the team is the most crucial part of my restaurant.


You trained in the US and France. How did it influence your cuisine?

Both countries informed my way of cooking. I use that knowledge every day in my kitchen, not only the techniques I learned but also the way of thinking about ingredients and the respect for the products.


When friends come to town, where do you take them?

I love taking my friends to Maido and to La Mar.

Osso's selection of cold cuts

You can take five chefs to dinner at any restaurant in the world. Who do you choose and where do you take them?

I would love to have dinner with Micha Tsumura, Tomás Bermúdez, Thomas Troisgros, Daniel Humm and Gastón Acurio. The restaurant would be Joe Beef in Montreal. I love the food and the whole concept of the restaurant. I respect and admire all these chefs, but most importantly I consider them friends. There’s nothing better than the combination of friends, good conversation and good food.


What has been your most memorable food destination?

Mexico – both the street food and the fine dining scene are amazing. 


What has been the impact of Osso being voted in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants?

It has been great, my favourite parts are the doors that have opened thanks to it – and the experiences and friends I made along the way.

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La Molina

This interview was originally published on the website of Aspire Lifestyles, Official Concierge Partner to Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants.

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