Copenhagen, Denmark

50Best Accolades
  • The World's Best Restaurant 2021, sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna
  • The Best Restaurant in Europe 2021

Groundbreaking seasonal cuisine and fermentation sorcery from the world’s most future-gazing chef


On the Pass

René Redzepi

Pastry Chef

Pablo Ruggero

What’s the big deal? One of the most coveted restaurants on the planet, Noma and its founder, René Redzepi, are known for creating New Nordic Cuisine and inspiring an entire generation of chefs the world over. Noma was voted The World’s Best Restaurant in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014, before it closed in 2016 and moved to a new location in 2018. Now back on top form with a seasonal dining structure, Noma 2.0 is wowing diners again with its endlessly innovative tasting menus.

How does it work? Noma offers three menus at different times of year, with seafood season from January to June, vegetable season during the summer and game and forest in the winter. The restaurant closes before each season so that its R&D team, led by talented head Mette Søberg, can develop new menu items from whatever the land and sea provide.

What to expect: No trip to Noma is ever the same, with Redzepi and team constantly foraging for unexpected ingredients and turning them into beautiful plates. Highlights from previous seasons include a groundbreaking vegetarian celeriac shawarma, a duck dish of leg, brain and heart served with claw, feather and beak, and sweet crab meat served on a flatbread cut into the shape of a crab. Summer 2021 included standout dishes such as fried cod collar with crème fraiche and caviar.

From fermentation to foraging: Noma’s vast new digs in Copenhagen’s artsy Refshalevej Island include a state-of-the-art fermentation kitchen, where director Jason White experiments with koji, garum and miso to create fascinating flavour combinations. The entire team regularly forage for new ingredients, working with everything from reindeer penis (yes, seriously) to deer brain and all manner of bugs.

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