50Best Accolades
  • Gin Mare Art of Hospitality Award 2023

An artfully composed dining experience with innovation at every turn


On the Pass

Rasmus Munk

Pastry Chef

Mike Adelsten

Where is it? Alchemist is located in Refshaleøen, a remote part of Copenhagen known for its industrial buildings and a famous former shipyard. You have to go to the very end of the stretch before you get to the two-ton-heavy bronze doors with decorations reminiscent of Narnia or Middle-Earth, which lead you into the mystical world of Alchemist. Wait for a few moments and they will automatically swing open. Let the show begin!

What’s behind the door? Without revealing too much, you can be sure of one thing: when you enter Alchemist, be prepared for a journey unlike anything else you’ve experienced in a restaurant. The experience is divided into several ‘acts’ taking the guests through different locations, types of art and extraordinary craftsmanship along the way – it’s the realisation of head chef and mastermind Rasmus Munk’s dream of a holistic dining experience.

It is just about the show? Certainly not. Sure, you will be dining under a dome-shaped roof with various graphic sceneries that change throughout the dinner, but the prime reason why it all works is due to the fact that Alchemist’s cuisine is rooted in a strong foundation of classic techniques, modern research and chef Munk’s obsessive search for the best ingredients. Expect several different types of caviar, the best seafood and pigeon aged in beeswax, just to mention a few delicacies – always presented in creative ways that will impress as well as bring out your inner child. The combination of its stunning setting, unbeatable front of house team led by general manager Lykke Metzger and thought-provoking message earn Alchemist the Gin Mare Art of Hospitality Award 2023.

Dishes with a deeper message: No guests are forced to attend any lectures from staff during a dinner at Alchemist, but if you’re curious to dig deeper, there’s plenty to be enthralled and be educated by. How about a piece of cod with edible ‘plastic’ to bring awareness to ocean pollution? Or a chocolate bar shaped like a coffin to remind us of child labour within the chocolate industry?

Any other initiatives? Despite bookings selling out within minutes and five-digit waiting lists, Munk is not resting on his laurels. Instead, he is using the attention to raise funds to feed homeless people in Copenhagen or to create clean water solutions for people in Africa. He is a man on a mission.