Edible theatre from Spain’s visionary chef


On the Pass

Dabiz Muñoz

Pastry Chef

Graziano Tracchia

In a nutshell: Hedonistic. Creative. Unpredictable. Three words to describe chef Dabiz Muñoz and the Madrid pleasure-dome that is Diverxo, where he likes to push the gastronomic boundaries as much as possible. More than a restaurant, Diverxo is an easel for the chef’s creativity, with diners brought along for the ride of their lives.

What you’ll eat: Diverxo’s tasting menu stretches out over many courses of pure theatre, and may include anything from pigeon and sherry to multi-flavoured mochi. Expect unique combinations with Asian influences such as Pyrenean-matured nigiri, Japanese paella or roasted caviar with vindaloo curry and Greek yogurt.

Chef CV: Muñoz's culinary journey began in Madrid, inspired by chef Abraham García of Viridiana, where his family used to dine when he was a child. He started his career in Spain’s capital before moving to London to work at top Asian and Italian restaurants such as Hakkasan, Nobu, Nahm and Locanda Locatelli. In 2007, he returned to Spain and opened Diverxo, which earned him three Michelin stars at the age of 33, making him the second-youngest person in the world to achieve this feat. In 2012, he opened Streetxo, a more casual restaurant, and in 2022, he launched Ravioxo, which specialises in intricate dumplings and Asian-influenced pasta. In 2024, he opened a new branch of Streetxo in Dubai, and there are plans to move Diverxo to a larger space in 2025.

Pigs might fly: Diners at Diverxo can’t help but notice the flying pig theme throughout the restaurant, seen in wacky art, wall hangings and even the crockery. The porcine creatures represent Muñoz’s ambition, a riposte to the fact that when he mentioned as a child he would one day own a restaurant where people queued around the corner, his father replied: ‘sure, and pigs might fly’. Muñoz certainly got the last laugh.


NH Eurobuilding, C. del Padre Damián, 23, 28036 Madrid, Spain

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