Gaggan Anand


India’s rebel chef serves all-out creativity

Gaggan Anand

On the Pass

Gaggan Anand

Pastry Chef

Kittisak Chaisinphokkhasup

Pour me some history: Kolkata-born Gaggan Anand initially pursued music professionally before starting his culinary career. From a trainee position at the luxury hotel chain Taj Group, he progressed to work at El Bulli in Spain alongside Ferran Adrià, an experience that instilled in him a love for molecular gastronomy. He founded his first restaurant in Bangkok, Gaggan, in 2010, which went on to be named The Best Restaurant in Asia four times.

And then? Gaggan closed in August 2019 and a few months later, the former drum player opened its new incarnation: Gaggan Anand. The chef is on a mission to push the boundaries of the fine dining experience, seeking instead to create “a culinary adventure of the senses and a roller coaster ride of emotions”. The same irreverent philosophy shines through the restaurant’s digital channels, the chef’s own hilarious sense of humour and the out-of-the-box presentation of the dishes.

Creativity as a main: Music, colours and creativity combine throughout the menu, which is anchored in progressive Indian cuisine with a fine dining twist. From using emojis to represent each of the courses to pushing diners to eat with their hands or even lick the plate, Anand wants to disrupt and reinvent fine dining.

What’s the space like? A vibrant yet intimate atmosphere is created through rustic design – walls are adorned with neon lights and blue chairs complement the concrete columns and high ceilings. The dining area is divided into two sections: The G-Spot, a chef's table that seats 14, and Arena G, a more conventional space where tables are arranged around an open kitchen.

Anything else? Gaggan Anand was voted No.5 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023 and the chef is also an investor of Sühring, the modern German restaurant that placed No.22 in the same list. The chef’s latest venture is Bangkok’s Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh, which combines Mexican and Indian cuisine.