Piazza Duomo


A story told through exquisite northern Italian produce

Piazza Duomo

On the Pass

Enrico Crippa

Pastry Chef

Giulia Mizzoni

A journey for the senses: Enrico Crippa’s cuisine is a voyage through space and time, led by taste, colour, texture and aroma. The Seasonal Things menu features 11 courses utilising produce from Piazza Duomo’s greenhouses and organic and biodynamic gardens. The Barolo menu meanwhile celebrates the iconic wine in diners’ glasses, and on their plates. Or there’s the Journey menu with its eight multi-coloured courses expressing Chef Crippa’s culinary philosophy, seamlessly combining the flair of French cuisine with Italian passion and Japanese precision. Enjoy a taste of the Italian maestro’s food with the four-course seasonal lunch menu, available midweek from January to mid-September.

Super seasonality: Dine at Piazza Duomo during the autumn and experience Crippa’s white truffle-focused menu. The most famous ingredient of the Langhe region, indulge in eight courses showcasing the intense flavour of the fungus.

Inspire and educate: The dishes that land on your table have historical nods at every turn. Snails and polenta, for example, feature escargot first bred by Benedictine monks. The herbs used to feed these snails were the same monks used for their own medicines and infusions. Today, these herbs appear beside the snails.

A note on atmosphere: Chef Crippa’s talent is matched by the unique environment provided by the historic building the restaurant calls home. The walls of the pink space, which carry frescos by Francesco Clemente, reflect beautiful natural light, and the windows afford a fine vista of Alba’s stunning Piazza Risorgimento and its marvellous Duomo.