The Clove Club


Innovating the quintessential flavours of Britain

The Clove Club

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Isaac McHale

Why visit: The Clove Club’s interpretation of ‘modern British’ is refreshing and full of surprises, with fresh produce from all over the UK reinvented in creations that put forward natural flavours and playfully mingle with tradition. The seasonal tasting menu features modern, elegant dishes rooted in technique but stripped back to their essential elements, with nods to the chef's own culinary memories. 

Chef's story: Scottish chef Isaac McHale founded the restaurant in 2013, but had been in love with food and cooking from a young age. From a job as a fishmonger at the age of 14 to working in restaurants across Glasgow and finally gaining experience at fine dining greats such as Noma in Copenhagen and The Ledbury in London, he progressively built up his culinary repertoire, which he showcases with pride at his award-winning restaurant today. 

On the menu: There is a full tasting menu and a shorter version with five courses (also available at lunchtime), as well as a wine pairing option. The menu is everchanging and diners can expect the likes of McHale’s famous raw Orkney scallop with hazelnut, clementine and truffle; veal sweetbread baked in hay and served with aromatic brown butter; or a memorable Braeburn apple tarte tatin.

The space: Set within the historic Shoreditch Town Hall, the blue-tiled dining room has a relaxed East London vibe with an open kitchen and laid-back service.