Hiša Franko


Self-taught Slovenian chef plates the nation’s exemplary produce

Hiša Franko

On the Pass

Ana Roš

Know the name: Chef Ana Roš put Slovenia on the gastronomic map after being voted The World’s Best Female Chef in 2017 and starring in her own episode of Netflix’s cult series, Chef’s Table. Pronounced Hi-sha Franko, the restaurant is in the stunning surroundings of the Soča Valley and has drawn visitors to Slovenia from all over the world.

Career shift: Roš was destined to be a diplomat, having completed a degree in international studies before life brought her to the kitchen of Hiša Franko. She taught herself to cook and now specialises in unusual and bold flavour combinations and dishes focusing on produce found within a few kilometres of the restaurant.

On the menu: In 2024, Roš and her team are offering a tasting menu named ’50 Shades of Red’, which is dedicated to art. As always, it is based on seasonal produce, from garden leaves with a brown butter emulsion, quail egg and alpine caviar to cappelletti with black pear and Jerusalem artichoke. The chef’s famous corn beignet with fermented cottage cheese, as well as the potato cooked in a summary hay crust, are also included.

All in one: Hiša Franko means ‘home of Franko’ in Slovenian: it’s a big house in the countryside where visitors can enjoy aperitivo on a meadow overlooking snowy peaks. Roš not only runs the restaurant, but also ages local Tolminc cheese, has an impressive cellar filled with biodynamic wines, and there’s even a mixologist lab that produces alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks made with local plants.