Intriguing coastal cuisine kissed by the finest Italian ingredients


On the Pass

Mauro Uliassi

A jewel in the sand: Sitting like a pearl between the marina and the beach, Uliassi is set in a stunning white wooden structure with an iconic summer balcony overlooking the sea. The location is home to head chef Mauro and maître d' sister Catia Uliassi, who welcome guests to this unique restaurant with open arms.

Ahead of the game: Uliassi’s cuisine is now a well-known reference for gourmets from all over the world. It manages to move seamlessly between classical and innovative plates, all at a super-premium level. This is thanks to the Uliassi Lab: a creative effort involving the entire team, which gathers to come up with new, exciting ideas during the winter months.

Surf meets turf: The uniqueness of Uliassi’s cuisine is found in the chef’s study of marine flavours and how they meet – and ‘contaminate’ – meat-based products. It’s part of a sea-land exchange typical of the Marche regional tradition. Thanks to a careful balancing act between ingredients, consistencies, techniques and temperatures, every dish manages to surprise and delight.

What’s cooking? After the timeless appetisers (regular guests would revolt if chef were to phase them out), which include a foie gras wafer and kir royale, dishes arrive including seared cuttlefish, cheek lard oil, chard, honey and anchovy sauce; and red shrimp, orange peel, ginger, shrimp brain and cinnamon.  Every year the team adds 10 new courses presented along with a Classic menu.

Keeping it local: The Uliassi siblings were born and raised in the area and opened the restaurant in 1990.