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An ode to India’s rich and diverse culinary heritage

Trèsind Studio

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Himanshu Saini

Pastry Chef

Love Gupta

Indian immersion: From humble beginnings in a backroom of its sister restaurant, Tresind, Himanshu Saini has steered Tresind Studio to its current position as one of the world’s most renowned Indian restaurants in less than a decade. Rather than the often-employed blanket approach to India’s cuisine, Saini and his team guide diners through a nuanced yet approachable exploration of 17 dishes that tell the story of the country’s rich and diverse cultural, agricultural and religious heritage.

Edible art: Resembling an intimate theatre, the 20-seater restaurant’s focal point is the open lab-like kitchen where guests can watch each intricately plated dish come to life. Saini is known for incorporating natural elements in his presentation, be it fresh flowers, leaves, shells, butterflies or locally sourced ceramics in organic form. This, combined with clinically precise plating leads to dishes that leave a visual impact long after the final course is served.

Regional exploration: Served in four acts divided by geography and gastronomy, diners are guided through a collection of dishes illustrating the traditions, ingredients and influences indicative of each region. From the humble pani puri, to the ceremonial Sadhya and a Studio version of a comforting curry, all bases are covered. As Saini crouches down to table level to explain the origin and process behind key dishes, he offers engaging yet succinct morsels of information that inspire a curiosity for deeper discovery. 

At your service: Attentive, warm and professional, above all else the service is personal. Guests who dine at Tresind Studio more than once can expect to be welcomed back with their drink of choice (alcoholic or otherwise) prepared by the expert mixologists at Papadom, a botanic bar within the restaurant.