Dim Dining

Antwerp, Belgium

From the bespoke chopsticks to the sushi rice milled in house specifically to match each fish, Dim Dining displays all the exacting attention to detail of refined Japanese cuisine. If that all sounds a touch joyless, a smiley young team, a contemporary, almost industrial interior and a small drinks area that opens straight onto the street in fine weather inject some fun into proceedings, while a seat at the counter brings interaction with chef Simon van Dun. Four omakase menus range from five courses at lunch to 12 at dinner, matched to saké, wine and Japanese beer. There’s also a short (by Japanese standards) à la carte, featuring classic nigiri, gunkan maki, cold plates such as monkfish liver with cherry, myoga and kyoho grape, and warm dishes of langoustine with kale, goji berry and kioke miso.

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Vrijdagmarkt 7, Old Town, Antwerp, 2000