Osteria Giulia

Toronto, Canada

A sense of serene minimalism lies at the heart of Osteria Giulia, chef Rob Rossi’s second Italian restaurant (after Giulietta) located in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood. A restrained simplicity weaves throughout both the decor—a soothing wash of clean lines and blonde monochrome tones define the space—and the ethos of the kitchen, where coastal Ligurian cuisine is showcased. Seafood dishes are where the program shines and, for a truly memorable bite, try the focaccia di recco, a thin and crispy loaf lined with soft stracchino cheese, which is based on a vintage Italian recipe. The focus on substance over showmanship extends to the cocktail menu, where Italian flavours are woven throughout contemporary concoctions that all pair well with starters like Castelvetrano olives, or Acciughe e Burro (anchovies on grilled sourdough). Finally, the small but focused wine and beer lists fittingly focus exclusively on Italian offerings.

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134 Avenue Rd, Yorkville, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 2H6