Sushi Masaki Saito

Toronto, Canada

Expect the other seven patrons seated at the 200-year-old Hinoki wood counter to be pilgrims from far and wide – this is not the sort of dining experience one books on a whim. It generally takes months to secure a seat at Masaki Saito’s Edomae style sushi restaurant and leaves a hole in the deepest of pockets. And yet, it remains at the top of most Canadian’s lists when you ask them which Japanese restaurant they’d most like to experience. Trained in Hokkaido, Tokyo and New York, Saito was the first two-Michelin-starred chef in Canada and his standards remain unparalleled. Aged bluefin, needlefish, conch clam, monkfish liver, cherry blossom trout – all are fished sustainably in Japanese waters and treated with a respect that borders on devotion. Each is paired with rarely seen outside Japan sparkling sakes. Good luck making that reservation…

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88 Avenue Rd, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 2H2