Sushi Nanba

Tokyo, Japan

A relocation to Chiyoda City has catapulted chef Hidefumi Nanba from cult hero to sushi superstardom, having spent years refining his craft to a loyal, in-the-know clientele at his restaurant in suburban Asagaya, now overseen by one of his protégés. The move to a more central location has led to an upswing not only in popularity but in the quality of ingredients. Nanba’s sushi is creative and unique but it’s not the flavour combinations that wow visitors, rather his obsession with serving every element at the correct heat, marked up at the bottom of the menu so guests can see the temperature for every topping and base of rice. The results speak for themselves, which is why you’ll have a long wait for a place at the eight-seater cypress counter, which is the only traditional touch in an interior that is otherwise refreshingly informal. To drink, there are wines and champagne as well as sake.

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Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, 3/F 1-1-2 Yurakucho, Chiyoda City, Tokyo, 100-0006