Guadalajara, Mexico

The Allium chefs are known for their green fingers; quality control being that much easier when your produce comes from your own rooftop garden. With a philosophy that champions small, artisanal producers – think Atonilco cheeses, Ajijic vegetables, Nayarit seafood – the inventive farm-to-table menu comprises almost 100% Mexican ingredients. Representative is an ‘escamoles toast’ starter, which takes ant larvae to a whole new level, and ‘risotto de huitlacoche’, with smoked shiitake mushrooms, Grana Padano and a beef reduction. Cocktails are superb – try the Gin/Tuna for a fun twist on a G&T infused with tuna fruit – service exceptional, and the tree-shaded patio, a delight.

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Calle Manuel López Cotilla 1752, Colonia Americana, Guadalajara, 44150 Guadalajara

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