Low Tide

Singapore, Singapore

What's more fun than a tiki bar? A three-tiered tiki bar! Low Tide in Singapore's Chinatown is spread across three floors, with a different tiki-centric concept on each. On the ground floor you'll find Topside, a bright and airy space, complete with terrace, where bartenders serve sophisticated twists on tropical classics like a Clarified Piña Colada. Down in the basement is The Cave which captures all the joy and sleaze (we mean that in a good way, honest) of a proper dive bar: the only thing to drink in a place like this is surely a Zombie – a super-punchy tiki classic mixing a house blend of light and dark rums with velvet falernum, grenadine, lime and bitters. The third and final bar-within-a-bar is Punch & Consequence up on the first floor, where a special tasting menu is served paired with punch-based concoctions. Now that's serious versatility.

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98 Club Street, Chinatown, Singapore, 069467