Chicago, US

Seemingly incongruent, the generic office-block style facade of Ever belies the creativity found within. Set back from the West Loop’s ‘Restaurant Row’, it’s a dining experience that stands alone. Chef Curtis Duffy knows how to dazzle – his previous tenure at restaurant Grace was given three stars by Michelin – and here, along with business partner and sommelier Michael Muser, he lays out his culinary obsession with a brilliant lightness of touch. Over eight to 10 pristine courses, diners bear witness to a bona fide gastronomic spectacle that sways to the beat of the seasons, thrilling and educating in equal measures. Dishes roll from proteins to less-familiar vegetables and grains all held together with underlying verdancy and herbaceous notes. Artistic presentation isn’t just for the sake of visuals, every flair adds a level of flavour that proves he’s at the top of his game. Witness a furl of frosted hamachi on purple rice that yields to the perfect temperature and consistency as you’re about to dig in – a true lesson in the art of timing. Earthy and otherworldly in equal measures, a sleek, cossetting room frames it all – black ceiling, dark flooring, warm rafts of wood and mood lighting aplenty.

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1340 W Fulton St, Fulton Market, West Loop, Chicago, Illinois , IL 60607