The Silver Stamp

Las Vegas, US

A throwback in the best sense of the word, and now one of the best beer joints in downtown Las Vegas, The Silver Stamp channels the mellow style of 1970s basement bars with wood-paneled walls, antique beer signs, Christmas lights, old-timey paintings and vintage beer can art installations. When it opened in 2021, Vegas veterans and co-owners Rose Signor (of Atomic Liquors and the Pink Boots Society) and Andrew Smith curated an expert assembly of 20 beers on tap, plus another 50 or so in bottles and cans, spanning a wide range of styles from sours and porters to IPAs and hefeweizens. They often source special and rare imports and collaborations to please the connoisseurs. With zero frills but amiable attitudes, it's a beer-drinker's haven.

Key Information


222 E Imperial Ave, Arts District, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89104