Los Angeles, US

You have to really want to go to Hayato. With only seven seats per sitting, snagging a table needs a good dose of luck or, indeed, patience. Artistic, intricate and flavour-packed – that’s the deal here. It’s witnessed across 14 courses that put traditional Japanese technique in the spotlight. Ingredients are presented throughout in elegant vessels before being calmly shaped into beautiful, perfect bites dished up on vintage Japanese tableware collected by chef Brandon Hayoto Go himself. Deft preparation and keen attention to flavour play out harmoniously across the meal. Moving the focus between vegetable, fish, fruit and meat throughout, it’s both a broad and narrow brushstroke that paints a unique picture of Japanese cuisine. Ingredients from California feel perfectly at home amid the scene, in say a kakiage of local sea scallops and corn, or umboshi carrots. A place to truly celebrate Japanese food culture.

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ROW DTLA, 1320 E 7th St, Suite 126, Fashion District, Los Angeles, California, CA 90021