Colombia’s first family of food champions the country’s food and drink diversity


On the Pass

Leonor Espinosa and Laura Hernández Espinosa

Pastry Chef

Nicola Díaz

Bogotá’s premier restaurant, Leo, reopened in a brand new space in the upmarket neighbourhood of Chapinero in June 2021. It features not one but two dining rooms under one roof: the first showcasing the creativity of renowned chef (and restaurant founder) Leonor Espinosa; the other overseen by her daughter and sommelier Laura Hernández Espinosa, with a simpler menu and a greater focus on unusual wines and cocktails featuring home-produced Colombian distillates.

Both concepts celebrate little-known Colombian ingredients, champion local communities and help revive indigenous gastronomic traditions. In La Sala de Leo this comes in the form of a 13-course degustation menu that traverses the country’s biodiversity. Upstairs at La Sala de Laura, the à la carte food offering is there to complement the unique array of beverages.

An economist and artist by training, Leo’s love of anthropology, contemporary art and culture is evident in both her cooking and the restaurant itself: a bright, modern room adorned with bold lighting. Between Leo and Laura, Colombia’s first family of food continues to impress.