Máximo Bistrot

Mexico City

50Best Accolades
  • Estrella Damm Chefs’ Choice Award 2021 - Best Reinvention

Mexico City’s best fresh produce showcased in daily-changing menus

Máximo Bistrot

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Eduardo García

Pastry Chef

Guadalupe Palmira Sánchez Pérez

Opened in 2011 by chef Eduardo García and his wife, Gabriela Lopez, Máximo Bistrot celebrates seasonal, fresh and local ingredients. Making the most of sustainable gardens and crops in and around Mexico City, García has made a name for himself as a star of the city’s food scene, and in 2021 was voted as the winner of the Estrella Damm Chefs’ Choice Award – Best Reinvention.

Indeed, over the last two years García didn’t miss a chance to keep innovating. While his restaurant was closed, he worked hard to support and provide for his network of producers; when restrictions eased, he moved the restaurant to a new, more spacious location. Here, he continues to fuse classic European techniques with traditional Mexican ingredients, creating explosive flavour combinations in dishes such as grilled octopus with mole de olla sauce and organic sweet potato, or morels with sherry and foie gras emulsion.