La Docena


Refined seafood cooking brought streetside

La Docena

On the Pass

Tomás Bermúdez Trejo

What’s the deal? At La Docena, seafood reigns supreme. A wholly casual affair, this neighbourhood joint created by chef Tomás Bermúdez stays true to an ideology of substance over style. Ingredients here are given centre stage and the gentlest of pushes through refined technique, to create dishes that highlight Mexico’s aquatic larder. 

From shore to table: Utilising fresh-off-the-boat seafood, dishes are often deceptively simple, letting the quality of the produce do the heavy lifting. The squid toast, an uncomplicated ensemble of sourdough, avocado emulsion, coriander, crispy squid and aioli, is straightforward and satisfying – and the embodiment of the restaurant’s philosophy. With La Docena translating as ‘the dozen’, referring to a generous serving of oysters, the bivalves are readily available, served both raw and grilled, alongside a range of fish cooked over fire and embers.

Open kitchen: Guests sit around the central grill adjacent to the bustling Guadalajara streetscape, so every meal grants full access to the frontline of chefs. Inside, tables have a minimalist industrial vibe, mirroring the restaurant’s ethos where less is more.

And to wash down the meal? Beverages at La Docena are no afterthought. With a special focus on Mexican vintage wines from the country’s Baja California peninsula, guests are just as welcome to visit for a drink at the long bar as they are for a full meal, soundtracked by an expansive library of 70s funk and soul.