Cutting-edge technique meets traditional ingredients in Peru’s capital


On the Pass

Jaime Pesaque

Pastry Chef

Antoni Ramos

Meaning ‘noble land’ in the native Aymara language, Mayta is a personal and contemporary interpretation of Peruvian cuisine by chef and restaurateur Jaime Pesaque. In 2018 the restaurant moved to a new venue in Lima’s wealthy Miraflores district – a mecca for foodies by the Pacific coast – where muted tones and simple décor allow the food to shine.

Pesaque makes full use of Peru’s plentiful larder, cooked with flair and using cutting-edge techniques (think foams, emulsions and reductions) without forgetting the country’s heritage. As expected, ceviche – Peru’s national dish – is well represented, but a smoked magret duck breast with candied leg, foie gras and fried egg served on bed of risotto is the star main. Mayta is also an award-winning pisco bar so expect a quality selection of the spirit from a variety of distilleries and an innovative range of cocktails.


Avenue Mariscal La Mar 1285, Miraflores, Lima, 15027, Peru

+51 1 422 6708 Visit Mayta on Instagram Visit Mayta's Website