Prolific Peruvian chef takes on contemporary cuisine


On the Pass

Jaime Pesaque

Pastry Chef

Jeisson Felipe Garzon Velez

What’s on offer? Contemporary Peruvian cuisine takes the spotlight at Mayta, where each dish is a masterclass in presentation. Vibrant and colourful, plates are as much of a visual marvel as they are packed with flavour, including the likes of grilled sweetbreads with arracacha (a root vegetable indigenous to Peru), tumbo (a close relative of passion fruit) and demi-glace; or desserts such as the tart with muña (a herb local to the Andes), passion fruit, ice cream and white chocolate, delivering exquisite closing notes to the meal.

What’s the vibe? With a minimalist decor accented by wooden panelling and warm-tone lights, dining at Mayta is relaxed, sophisticated and composed. Also functioning as a pisco bar, the venue puts the focus on getting the drinks offer right, with an esteemed team of bartenders offering inventive spins on the national drink.

Rise to fame: An apprentice at the former World’s Best Restaurant El Celler de Can Roca before opening Mayta in 2008, chef Jaime Pesaque has explored the world learning his craft. After 10 years and moving Mayta to an entirely new location, the restaurant debuted on Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2019, picked up the Highest Climber Award in 2020 and retained a spot in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2023.

Peruvian pride: Translating as ‘noble land’ in the Aymara language spoken by pockets of indigenous people in the Andes, Mayta seeks to reflect the land and culture of Peru. Ingredients such as paiche, an invasive species of fish threatening the ecosystem of the Amazon, are used from head to tail in multiple dishes across the menu. Outside his restaurant, Pesaque exports Peruvian cuisine to countries across the globe to bring awareness to the country’s hospitality traditions.

What else? Chef Pesaque opened the casual restaurants Mad Burger and 500 Grados in Lima in 2021. He also owns a ceviche eatery called Callao, and Sapiens, serving seafood, vegetables, grains and meat prepared using open-flame techniques.


Avenue Mariscal La Mar 1285, Miraflores, Lima, 15027, Peru

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